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Guy Delson Geleerd Jr. 
Trial Lawyer

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Mr. Geleerd has participated in over $30,000,000 in total recoveries for his clients in his career.

$6,500,000          25 year old father of one - quadriplegic following spine surgery to clean bacteria off  spinal hardware during which the 

                            spinal  cord was manipulated. 

$6,000,000          22 year old father of one - partial quadriplegic following spine surgery to remove  hardware during which the spinal cord   
                            was manipulated. 

$3,250,000          31 year old husband underwent kidney transplant infected with HIV resulting in  three year life expectancy following the 

$1,900,000          minor sole beneficiary of 62 year old man - wrongful death after decrease in vital signs below normal limits went without 
                            nursing or medical intervention. 

$1,300,000          55 year old male wrongful death - claimed failure to manage abnormal blood flow  leaving behind wife and two children. 

$900,000             82 year old husband and father - wrongful death following overdose from life  sustaining drugs given in a mislabeled and 
                            mis-filled bottle from pharmacy. 

$900,000            46 year old wife and mother admitted to emergency room following car collision -  wrongful death after claimed failure to
                           diagnosis and manage ruptured spleen.

$900,000            65 year old wife and mother - wrongful death following post operative failed  management of perforated small bowel. 

$500,000            69 year old wife and mother - wrongful death - intra operative perforation which  went undiagnosed and not managed. 

$300,000            21 year old sole beneficiary of 55 year old father, admitted to E/R with hypothermia - released 16 hours later to reception 
                           and  died from hypothermia. 

$280,000            45 year old passenger survived by wife and children, on motorcycle when driver increased speed to pass through intersection 
                           before a left turning bus.

 $250,000           62 year old wife and mother wrongful death - failure to diagnose and manage lung  cancer. 

$225,000            32 year old wife/mother recovered from upper body/facial burns. Permanent respiratory dysfunction after attempting to light
                           a new fireplace which exploded. 

$200,780           55 year old wife and mother following surgery of a ulnar fracture - before healing  claimed premature attempt to remove 
                          hardware causing re-fracture and surgeries. 

200,000            12 year old boy wrongful death - drowning - claimed failure to maintain pool water in a clean, clear and cloud and murky free

$200,000           50 year old male torn rotator cuff following auto collision with full recovery. 

$190,000           45 year old male presented to ER at 2 difference hospitals claiming each failed to diagnosis and manage AV fistula resulting 
                          in vascular injury and post traumatic sensory neurolgia. Plaintiff caught on surveillance tape working construction. 

$175,000           2 year old girl drowning - wrongful death - claimed failure to respond to mother’s  telephone calls that in ground pool cover 
                          failed to operate.

$100,000          55 year husband and father sustained multiple cervical disc herniations, surgery and  complete recovery following car 

$100,000          60 year old single female - upper  body third degree burns after smoking a cigarette falling asleep and starting the fire claim 
                         landlord removed smoke  detectors thus no warning of the fire.